Can I apply for a credit account online?

Unfortunately, you cannot submit this application online. However, you can fill it in online and print it off (or fill it in by hand) ensuring you have a handwritten signature. Once you have printed it off you must take the completed form and the requested supporting documents to your local branch for processing, they will send this to our credit control team who will complete the checks and if successful send you your account number in the post around 7...

How do I contact credit control?

Our credit control teams are divided into regions you will find each one below. South East - ( - 01268590718 East Midlands, North, NE & NW ( - 01332 360565 South West- ( - 01635 528955 Scotland- (

Can I pay my Builders invoices directly to you?

If your builder has an account with us (not a cash account) you can make a payment to us directly on their behalf this must be done via our credit control team in your region South East - ( - 01268590718 East Midlands, North, NE & NW ( - 01332 360565 South West- (mailto:newbury.creditcontrol@b...

What is the rate of the trade discount?

The trade discount isn’t a set amount the discount will depend on the product and quantities you are ordering your local branch will be happy to provide you with a full estimate before ordering or you can create a quote via our online system which will be sent to your local branch on your behalf.

How can I amend my account details?

You can change your details such as login email address, delivery and invoice address and credit limit you can do this by logging into your account and requesting the changes, check out our step by step tutorial videos on account changes HERE (

Some of my invoices are missing why is this?

We can only provide invoices from the date that your online account was set up and activated for online invoicing, Once this has been set up you will see your future invoices stored on your account, Unfortunately, we are unable to provide historical invoices or any that have been produced before the date you set up your online invoices. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, If you do require copies of any invoices please contact your local accounts team or our live chat team who can...

Where do I find my order history?

Once you are logged into your account you can check your history in the “My Order History” tab, or by clicking the following link We also have a handy step by step tutorial video HERE ( , If still require any assistance please contact our Live Chat team who will be happy to help.

Where do I view my invoices?

Once you have linked your account and set it up for online invoicing you will be able to view your invoices and make payments, You can do this via your customer dashboard by using the tabs on the left-hand side which say "invoices" Please note that we are unable to add historical invoices or invoices created before the date your online was set up, any future invoices will be available to view/pay online. We also have a handy step by step tutorial video HERE (

Which account type is best suited to me?

We have various types accounts available for our trade customers from a cash account, credit account, Self-builder etc please click the following link to find which account is suited best to your needs the link will also allow you to apply for the account of your choice

How do I use my trade account online?

In order to use your trade account online with us you must ensure you have registered on the website here- ( once you have registered and logged in please click the "Link my trade account" option ( and enter your trade/business details this will then give you access to our online trade features such as, Invoices, statements, pay my account and...

How do I log in?

You can log in at the top right-hand corner of our website alternatively you can log in via this direct link If you have forgotten your password you can request this via the log-in page or by emailing (

How do I register with you?

You can create an online account here-